Sunday, April 12, 2009

TOO-EASY TEMPEH: Craving Simplicity

I don't usually make a grocery list. Generally when shopping for food, I allow myself to go with my instincts (for better and for worse!). Oftentimes my body has a strong sense of what it needs, even though my brain might not always be as attuned. And I just go with it. Lately - tempeh. Week after week, it's been tempeh in the grocery cart. Tempeh in the fridge at home, and tempeh for lunch and dinner.

While I have a few favorite tempeh recipes that I use, I have found my ultimate, no-fuss winner for right now. It makes a great little side, salad topping, sandwich filling, or main star of the meal. And as for now, I haven't gotten tired of it. Probably one reason being that it's so darn easy to make - why stray?

So this is what I do to make this no-hustle-no-hassle-tempeh-extraordinaire:
  • I chop the tempeh up into little or bigger squares.
  • I put the squares in a sauce pan.
  • I throw some stock in there, covering the tempeh. Of course veggie stock is fab, but because I am a non-vegetarian tempeh-eater, I like to do the mix-it-up veggie/non-veggie style and use chicken stock.
  • I add a little salt and pepper, let the mixture boil, then simmer, soaking up all of the stock.
  • Sometimes, if I have enough on hand, I add more stock, and let the tempeh soak up a second round for more flavor.

Because I'm a lemon-lover, I like to squeeze some of that in while it's cooking, but it's not necessary. Some fresh or dried herbs are great too. A bit of grated carrot is a nice touch, giving a dash of color and added flavor, while not veering from the easy factor.

You can spice up this lil' number however you like. It's forgiving and friendly to a range of tastes and options. If only all cravings were such a cinch!

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Anonymous said...

i love this. i am going to try it. i have tons of stock on hand. jilly