Friday, April 18, 2008


This is something that I whipped up one day when I was rushing to make my lunch for work, and now it's one of my regular weekday recipes. I love the way it tastes, and I love the protein and veggies it provides. It's so filling and satisfying that I enjoy eating it on its own. I like to eat this dish for both lunch and dinner, and sometimes breakfast!

A one-pan wonder, this saute simply includes sausage and greens, however, many other ingredients could be added and substituted. The following is my basic recipe:
  • Sausage, my favorite is Aidelle's chicken-apple, and I also like to buy fennel sausage when I can find it.
  • Greens, I usually have kale, chard, or spinach in my fridge.
  • Olive oil
  • s & p
Slice the sausage into thin rounds. Chop the greens if necessary. Heat a pan over a medium flame. Add some olive oil, just enough to coat the bottom of the pan. Throw in the sausage, turn down the heat, and cook until lightly browned. Add the greens into the pan, and cook until they are bright green and wilted, but still with a little chew. A few shakes of salt and pepper, and your cooking is done!

That's it! So easy! I suggest using 1-2 sausages per person. This is a great way to load up on dark greens. They cook down significantly, so you'll want to add a lot of them if possible. Try adding any seasonings and fresh herbs you like to give this meal extra umph. Sometimes I add a little pat of butter and sprinkle on some fennel seeds for a little more flavor. Eat it up and enjoy a kick of energy!


jilly said...

We are such kindred spirits. I love sausage and greens as well. I often bring it for lunch and it always draws interest from coworkers. You inspired me to buy some tempeh today. I will season it with Jamaican spices. Yum!

leah said...

Thanks for the inspiration! I added some left-over capellini and a little extra butter to fry up a tasty and quick winter dinner.