Wednesday, April 9, 2008

CARROT SALAD: Refreshing Snack

Sometimes I'm not sure what I feel like eating, and on those days a fresh carrot salad truly hits the spot. The carrots mix well with many different seasonings, so it is easy to match this salad to any mood. I always have carrots on hand since they keep in the fridge for weeks and weeks. They are my go-to food when I am low on other things.

To make your own carrot salad:

First, just grate some carrots. Coat the carrots with a little olive oil, flax oil, or plain yogurt. Squeeze in some lemon, lime, or orange juice. If you have fresh herbs, chop them up and add them in too. If you like, add in raisins, minced garlic, and/or some finely chopped vegetables, such as leeks or small bits of broccoli. Don't forget a little salt and pepper. Toss it all together, and there you have it!

Experiment and see what you come up with! Taste along the way. Make your carrot salad in quantity so you have leftovers to put in lunches for a few days. Carrot salad not only makes for a simple snack or side, it's also an easy to prepare and much appreciated party dish. Your friends will gobble it up!


noah said...

this is the best blog ever!

keep up the good work, shayna!

we love you.

beth said...

the carrot salad was delicious.